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Usage Terms It provides the best service on the internet as well as in the tonpan and retail sector, which we have been serving for years. CGT Textile Construction LTD. STI. As Cigit.com.tr and Cigit Concept wholesale and retail stores, we always serve on the basis of 100% customer satisfaction. Happy Customer Acting with the principle of "Happy Customer" in the whole process since its establishment, CGT Tekstil İnşaat LTD. ŞTİ. continues on its way with this principle in e-commerce as well.cigit.com.tr combines the fast-changing fashion trend with innovative ideas, offering the best quality produced from pure natural cotton for our children and babies at the most affordable prices.

It has been the first brand to offer good quality and the most affordable price policy. Quality Guarantee All products sold on cigit.com.tr are 100% domestic production.

All of our products go through quality control tests from the production stage to the selection stage and the packaging stage of your order. Secure Shopping cigit.com.tr uses an SSL certificate that ensures the security of the transmitted information with 128-bit encryption in data transmission. At cigit.com.tr, your credit card information is used only while ordering and is not kept in the database.

All shopping transactions that will take place on our site are mandatory with the 3Dsecure feature. All your purchases are safe.